Can’t Catch It

One of our quirkier songs, I think, is Can’t Catch It. If it would have to be fit into a genre, I’m not sure which one I would put it in, but I guess it might fit under the very broad “progressive rock”, like most of our stuff. The name of the song is something originally invented by Pate, but then mangled through my mind to make it family-friendly. If you’re clever you might figure it out. 😉

We had quite some trouble ironing out the structure for the song, because of the second wave. I really wanted it to have the fast up part that starts at about 2/3 into the song, but would’ve loved to have it go back to slower feel, but playing it live, we realized it wouldn’t be possible to make it work in any sensible way, so I rewrote the fast part and the song came into its current form.

We haven’t trained the song in ages, but it’ll probably be the next one up along with Gift. The drum/bass combo plays a large role in the verses, which is something similar to Makeshift. Here’s the demo version I recorded at home:

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