Bonding & Cleaning

I went to the rehearsal room with some guys from the other band called The Days of Lost (I hope I got that right!) who we’re sharing the space with and we finished cleaning up all the damn polystyrene and other shit from the corners of the room.

Next phase would be to coat the floors with some carpets to lessen early reflections and then we’re ready to move in our gear. We still gotta buy a PA system and probably some mics, too, but we’re progressing at a good pace now.

Meanwhile we’re still working on Smothered and LCD. We’re trying to find a good date to record the rest of the vocals. I might even make an attempt at singing backup vocals for Smothered, although I’ve got a feeling it might not turn out great, so I’m reserving my right to back out of that. 😀

I might post some live recordings or something else next week, so stay tuned!

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