New Singer?! This time I swear it’s true.

Aleksi on vocals from here on now. He’s tall, handsome and he plays DotA2, exactly our requirements. Let’s see what we’ll be able to whip up in the near future. We’ve been practicing some new songs, which are out of this world and cool, yeah.

New Songs

We’ve got several new songs lined up, but we’re still looking for new members, so it’ll take a while until we get them out. Everything except the vocals have been tracked for Smothered and LCD, so those will probably be the first ones to be released, once we’ve got things going again…

Slow Autumn

Things are slow with Pate serving out his non-military service. We haven’t had a chance to rehearse songs or try out new members, but next month things should be changing!

We’re Back..?

We finally had what you might call a Mercalli XII band practice, although we did jam some Kyuss, too. Plans are being hatched for how to go forward from here…

We Interrupt This Broadcast for a…

SPEICAL BULLETIN! We’re gonna be rehearsing¬† a bunch of cover songs (40’ish?) for a few wedding gigs we’ll be playing this summer, so we won’t be playing our own songs. I might still be recording some demos now and then so stay tuned!

Slow Motion

Not a lot of progress lately, due to cancelled rehearsals and lack of interest, but yesterday we managed to make a few decisions regarding the direction.. We’ll keep you posted!

What’s New?

Well, we’ve had a few rehearsals with a new singer and she seems fine for the job. We’re redoing the melodies so they’ll fit her voice range. We’ve also been playing some cover songs for fun that are more fitting for her and I’m guessing she’ll change our sound quite a bit. Once we record something postable I’ll put it up for you to take a listen..

Live from the Rehearsal Room

Well that was astonishingly quick! Less than a week it took for us to get these out:


Cigarette Gaze

Can’t Catch It

New Singer

We’re in the process of trying out a few singers in order to find the most suitable singer for our band! We’ve also been working on piecing together the material we recorded on Monday. I finished the first mixes of the three songs (Cigarette Gaze, Can’t Catch It and Gift), only to notice that there’s a weird tuning problem between the guitars in the verse parts of Gift… It might be time for me to buy a new guitar. Pate’s got some problems with the video editing, but it’ll all sort itself out.. once he buys an iMac, so any extra money you have should be sent to him. I’ll probably post the mixes once we deem them finished.

New PA

Finally got a PA system for the rehearsal room! It’s time to go into overdrive mode and get shit done! Any bassists or singers interested in joining in our band can contact us in person, Facebook or email us.